Unconscious patterns were created for good reasons, and they have a destiny.

Those destinies typically include:

Protection, safety, belonging, attention, hiding, and control.

Here's how to know if we should work together. If you resonate with even just one of the descriptions below, book a session so we can explore what's really driving this pattern to keep showing up in your life.

Because everything that we bring into the consciousness can be updated.

You keep telling yourself you "just need to try harder".

NOPE! That gets you more of the same result and leads to burnt-out adrenals.

The solution is retraining your brain and regulating your nervous system.

As we nurture your body and nourish your mind with powerful tools that will help you break those patterns, we get to EXPLORE what you want and map out your journey to go for it!

Here's a glimmer of what we will explore:

  • Communication: We'll detangle where it's breaking down and small tweaks that will change the way to communicate forever!
  • Become an exceptional delegator by asking for and receiving help. "Wonder Woman" gets to be a celebrated part of your past as you welcome the support of others so that you truly can have it all without exhausting yourself.
  • Recovering People pleasers, we're going to Overcome the fear of hearing no so that you can stop saying yes when you don't really want to!
  • Build beautiful boundaries so that you aren't living with constant resentment.
  • Practical tools & systems to streamline and simplify the busyness you feel on a daily basis.
  • Ignite your passions & hobbies or discover them for the first time! We'll make sure you have time for PLAY and EXPLORATION in your life instead of waiting until retirement!

If you’re ready to get honest with yourself so that you can be unbound from ingrained conditioning that keeps you silent, accommodating, and settling, I want to invite you to book a call with me so that we can map out your unique journey. On this call, we’re going to be able to see if we’re a good fit to go on this adventure together!

Laurie Juszkiewicz

Laurie had all these puzzle pieces but didn’t know how to get out of busy bee syndrome. . .

“Before I worked with Carly, I felt really busy, but I was burning out because I was worrying and overwhelmed, rather than spending that precious time and energy serving my clients. Carly helped me get organized, not only in my business but with who I serve and how I serve them and how to take care of myself along with my business."


Manifestation, Money+Mindset Coach

Organizations & Coaching Business Mentorship

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When You Lead


Build a Strengths-Centered Culture: A Collaboration with When You Lead, Coaching & Consulting

We believe traditional leadership models are outdated!

Our goal: It's simple...we want everyone to win! 

We work with leaders and organizations who are eager to learn, committed to deepening listening skills, cultivating curiosity, and who are dedicated to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture of belonging.

Carly and Brigitte: FIRST 5 Member

Coaching Mentorship

For Heart-Centered Coaches

I work with heart-centered, values-driven coaches who want to advance their coaching skills & grow their practice. Together we will:

1. Build the foundation of solid systems so your business can be fruitful and fulfilling!

2. Build your professional coaching skills and your confidence so that you embody the power of presence as a coach.

Group, and 1:1 options for working together.

Trained & Certified Member

BodyMind Method Coach
Carly Clark Zimmer: Kolbe Certified Coach
Institute for Equity Centered Coaching

Associations & Additional Degrees

Galway Chamber
Alternative Balance Professional Group Member
New York State Office of Professions
SUNY New Paltz Graduate

A little more about Carly

Carly Clark Zimmer

Ready to build a life you don't want to escape from?

I'm Carly! A professionally trained and certified Life and Leadership Coach. I help you detangle unhelpful social & generational patterns so you live a life you are truly proud of.

In addition to my training which includes the BodyMind Coaching Method™ Certification,  The International Coach Federation, Institute For Equity-Centered Coaching® Power of Presence Coach Training and I'm a Certified Kolbe™ Consultant, I am a life-long student of this work.

I've transformed my own life from an in-person, income-capped massage therapy practice to a location-independent coaching business that allows me to work from anywhere, with anyone in the world! I now live in Europe and travel almost every month to visit family or explore fantastic cultures around the world!

This lifestyle felt like a distant dream 10 years ago and the transition was only possible with the tools I' 'm going to share with you when we work together! share with you.

My life's mission is to bring these powerful tools to support your mind, your body, your daily habits, and your lifestyle into the lives of others so that you can communicate honestly and openly with their families, their colleagues, and most importantly, with yourself. These tools bring awareness and choice to create powerful, win-win solutions in all areas of life.

Fun facts:

My astrological chart - Sagittarius on the cusp of Capricorn with Aries Rising says my superpower is to clearly teach & share what feels complicated and overwhelming into comprehensible and easy-to-implement steps forward!

🎸 Harmony is my number one strength in Strengths-Finder and it couldn't be more true! Coordinating schedules, team communication, and community culture, systems, programs & processes is my happy place! I also play the guitar and love to harmonize with my hubby!

☘️ I moved to Galway, Ireland with my husband, Devin in 2019 for what was supposed to be six months... It's been FOUR YEARS and counting!

🧜‍♀️ I took up icy daily dips Irish Atlantic during the pandemic and it's become a daily ritual to connect with nature and my local community! 
As they say here, it's great CRAIC!  

📚 When I'm not wearing my coaching hat I'm listening to the latest online business podcast... or diving into one of the 9 books stacked on my bedside table!

I'd love to get to know you more so please feel free to send me an email carly@carlyclarkzimmer.com or a DM on Instagram!


The Prom, Galway Ireland

I stand in solidarity with Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic, and People of Colour,  LGBTQIA & those who hold culturally and systemically marginalized identities to dismantle systemic racism. I pledge to continue to personally comb through my cultural bias, business systems & practices, former coach training & theories to dismantle the systems of oppression in our society and within myself, and the programs and communities I facilitate.

My communities have a strict vetting process so that we can provide a safe, trauma-informed space for people of all identities to learn, grow, ask questions, and provide their own valuable insight and feedback for us all to learn from.