Intuitive, Introverted, Empaths...

Most of us left our 9-5 jobs or exhausting brick-and-mortar business to create a different life and way of working so we can honor what your energy has been asking for. Yet those old habits and rules creep into our businesses, putting us right back into the box we worked so hard to break out of.

Ready to Do Business Differently?

I work with Heart-Centered, Mission-driven coaches and business owners to make changes in your business so that it supports your life, instead of taking over it.

I won't put you in a box and tell you "this is the only way" to success.

When I work with you, we take a close look at your values, combined with your vision, then we put the systems in place to support your vision of success and fulfillment.

Browse the options below, find the one that best suits where you’re at in business, and let’s get to work!

1:1 Personal Coaching

1:1 BodyMind Coaching is helping you be present in your body and access the choice that is there and give voice to the body. Then you can take that into your dreams, into possibilities, and further your growth. It’s a process for you to learn to source your own embodied wisdom. 


1:1 Done-with-You

Systems Set Up & Strategy Alignment.

I'll help you clarify what systems are needed to support your day-to-day business growth and your aligned vision for the future.

By the time we wrap up, you have one less thing on your to-do list... and we've removed one of those thorns in your sides that keeps you stuck in the admin and out of the creative part of your business so you have more energy to make invitations... and therefore more $$$!

Where might systems support you?

  • Sales & Onboarding
  • Signature Process & Program Development/Delivery
  • Payment & Expense Tracking
  • Marketing & Leads Tracking
  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Planning & Launching

Find & Sign Your FIRST 5 Clients

Simple, Step-by-step path to help you find & sign, aligned clients.

For years I've been a coach and facilitator in the World-Wide BodyMind Method Coach Training Progam, and FIRST 5 was developed after coaching hundreds of new coaches on getting their businesses started.

FIRST 5 is the start-up program for your coaching business and gives you everything needed to build a strong foundation for sustainable, aligned growth.

Here's a snapshot of the program:

  • Clarify Your Business Model & Vision
  • Signature Offer
  • Customer Discovery & Client Clarity
  • Foundational Systems
  • Soft Launch Your Business with the CEO Challenge

The Coaching Starter Kit

Everything you need to set yourself up like a professional coach! I WISH I had this when getting started... so I made it for you!

  • Sample Intake Form Questions
  • Appointment Confirmation & Reminder Samples
  • Sample Coaching Agreement Template
  • Sample Client Onboarding System
  • Sample Client Tracker Template
  • Sample Client Roster Tracker

Speaking & Mentorship

I've learned many lessons the hard way in the past 10 years as an entrepreneur. Wins, failures, expensive mistakes, listening to others over my intuition. We've got a generation of heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs to support, so if I can help support your community, podcast, or organization please reach out to with details.

I look forward to sharing how to grow a business that supports your mission without taking over your life with your community!