Life & Leadership Coach for Conscious High Achievers

I'm Carly Clark Zimmer, also known as the Heart-Centered Coach.

Carly Clark Zimmer

If you “have it all” on paper, yet feel disconnected from your heart and the direction life is going...

I'll help you untangle the mental knots keeping you in limbo so that you can finally move forward into your fulfilling and meaningful life.

In cultures around the world, the word heart is used to describe the

center of something.

Its the life force.

The hearts desire…

The core.

The word core comes from the French word for heart coeur, which weaves it's way though language to give us the word courage.

Carly Clark Zimmer- The Heart-Centered Coach

It takes courage to explore the heart’s desire, and you're heart's desire is at the core of leading a fulfilling life.

Explore with Carly Clark Zimmer

Uncovering what this means to you requires you to explore the mysterious caverns of your heart so that you can get to know your true self and answer the question...

"What do you want?"

I've worked with hundreds of people and this is persistently the hardest question for them to answer.

As we walk the passageways of your heart together, we uncover the behaviors, the mental loops, and the subconscious boxes that are keeping you from exploring, expressing and receiving your hearts desire.

Right now, I know the walls of those boxes feel really high and impossible to break out of.

Yet the truth is they are pliable.

They don't require force to "break free".

Only attention, awareness and consciously choosing to stand up to see what's outside of the box.

And then...

stepping out of it.

Woman inside Box

If you feel stuck in a job and it's sucking the soul out of you, yet you rationalize that the pay makes up for it...

If you want to make a big move in your career yet feel fearful of what might happen if you do...

If you tolerate toxic people at work who constantly cross your boundaries, even when you get home at night because you can’t stop thinking about how impossible they are...

Or you feel stuck in an unfulfilling relationship because you fear being alone...

And you keep telling yourself...

"What if it's worse if I leave?"

I can help you untangle the mental knots keeping you in limbo so that you can finally move forward into the truest form of your life's expression.


🔥 We tolerate it until the heart starts to burn. 🔥

What the burning feels like...

Constantly holding yourself back...

Not feeling good enough... no matter what accolades you hold and successes you achieve.

You work tirelessly towards your goals and when you achieve them, the accomplished feeling is fleeting. Sometimes lasting only for seconds, if it comes at all.

You feel the constant pressure to do more.

Even though you're aware that perfection doesn't exist, you still feel pressure to look and act a certain way...

To be the "nice girl."

You don't feel like people really see you.

You fear failure... and success...

When things go well, you feel like you're constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Carly Clark Zimmer: Book Exploration Call

If this is you...

🔥Your courage is asking for kindling so that you feel the burn strong enough and start to make changes.

It's ok to feel uncertain.

🧭 You've got you're grounded heart as your compass.

It's your logical mind that gets in the way and keeps talking you out taking steps forward.

Here's Your Pathway Forward...


We'll work together to explore the Four Realms which act as building blocks to create your fulfilling life and exquisite life. 



Understand the science behind change and how to use the mind to overcome limiting beliefs and build a body of new guiding principals.

Trinity knot: Earth, sky, sea


Identify the emotional patterns that formed to keep you safe in childhood, that are now ready to transform and align with who you are as an adult.

Focused Arrow


Identify behaviors keeping you stuck in limbo and learn how to take new actions to reach your next level of self-defined success.

Flower of life


Connect with something bigger than you!

Find the inner strength and peace to navigate difficult times by accessing connection with universal support... and defining what that means to you.

Ready to start exploring?

Book a complementary 30-Minute exploration call to see if this method is the process and support you've been looking for.


On this call, I’ll walk you through a process called Road Mapping. 

From there we can decide what necessities you might need, and if my additional support on this journey might be helpful. 

My dedication is to help you live in FULL INTEGRITY with yourself.

🔥 That includes honoring your heart's desire and adventurous spirit!

*If I can help you, I'll share a few ways how. There is no pressure to work together beyond this call. No sales tactics or mental manipulation at play here. My ultimate goal is your grounded decision.

Carly Clark Zimmer

Training & Certifications

  • International Coaching Federation: PCC
  • CE: Coaches Rising: Power of Presence Leadership Training
  • Certified Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching
  • Certified BodyMind Method© Somatic Coaching
  • Certified Kolbe™ Consultant
  • Seven + Years of Coaching Experience
  • Countless other workshops, retreats, and personal study & experience.

"We shall not cease from exploration.

In the end of all of our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time."

-T.S. Elliot

From the Masculine Energy of Hustling in NYC to Exploring a New Career in Bali...

"Working with Carly has been transformational in my life. As a coach and as a person, she truly comes from a place of integrity and truth, and you can feel that when you work with her.

Four years ago, when I was at the beginning of my self-discovery journey. I thought she was going to make me quit my job right away!

Instead, Carly met me where I was. I needed to get to know myself and why I wanted to leave so I could figure out where I needed to go next.

I got to really know myself, so I had the internal trust to take the big leap.

I'm so grateful for her warmth, genuine curiosity, no-nonsense, direct feedback, and ability to guide me through whatever I'm going through at any time.

If you're considering working with her, I'd personally say, just take the leap.

You'll be happy you did."

P.S. For anyone on the fence, this best decision and investment you will ever make.


Allison C.

Writer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Allison C.

The Adventure

of Your Lifetime

Starts here...

As a lifelong learner, I consistently train to enhance my ability to safely and expertly support you on a deeply informed, professional level.

Here are a few of my notable certifications & accomplishments:

BodyMind Method Coach
Carly Clark Zimmer: Kolbe Certified Coach
Institute for Equity Centered Coaching
Swedish Institute

Member of Professional Associations & Additional Degrees

Galway Chamber
Alternative Balance Professional Group Member
New York State Office of Professions
SUNY New Paltz Graduate

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I stand in solidarity with Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic, and People of Colour,  LGBTQIA & those who hold culturally and systemically marginalized identities to dismantle systemic racism. I pledge to continue to personally comb through my cultural bias, business systems & practices, former coach training & theories to dismantle the systems of oppression in our society and within myself, and the programs and communities I facilitate.

My communities have a strict vetting process so that we can provide a safe, trauma-informed space for people of all identities to learn, grow, ask questions, and provide their own valuable insight and feedback for us all to learn from.