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Carly Clark Zimmer

Hello there! I'm Carly, a BodyMind™ & Kolbe™ Certified Coach specializing in values-driven leadership and business. 

I help you understand and embody your natural way of approaching creative projects and problem-solving.

That way you spend your time

and energy on what lights you up and cut out as much of the stuff that drains your energy as possible!

I'll help you design your business, work, and life the only right way... which is the right way for you!

Ready to get started?

"Carly helped me set up foundational systems in my business & they created space for me to PLAY in my business!

Now I get to focus on what I love - creativity & serving clients!"

- Bobbie Jo


Speaker, Author, Coach

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You're on a heart-centered mission to make the world a better place!

Yet at some point along the journey parts of your work got heavy and feels draining,

It might be from the lack of a system to support your processes...

It might be from a lack in the direction you're headed...

It might be because somewhere along the way, other people's opinions overshadowed your innate strengths.

You can't pinpoint when it happened, but it feels like someone else is in the driver's seat.

Ready to get back on track?

There is a way to do business (and life!) differently.

I worked with 100’s of business owners, leaders, and coaches to help you design fulfilling work that supports your mission & your life... instead of taking over it.

Hustling your way to 'success' isn't sustainable. It leads to burnout and adrenal fatigue, lack of motivation, and unfulfilling life.

Life is too short to live this way!

Here's how to change things...

We use a values-centered approach to clean up any areas that feel out of alignment - communication, boundaries, your position at work or in your business, your marketing, sales, and delivery.

We want you to be able to show up authentically in every area of your business and your LIFE!

When all of the above FEELS good, we add in (and sometimes edit out!) the right systems to support your energy so you can grow a fulfilling, sustainable business.

If some of the strategies to climb the ladder or get ahead in business make you crawl in your skin, I'm your person!

We Can Do Life Differently!

Carly Clark Zimmer


Jules Harris

Uncovered her ideal client through exploring the core desired feelings, and reverse engineering!

"I have always struggled with picking 3 or 4 values and defining my practice that way... well, inside the lesson I EASILY found the "Desired core feeling" when working with clients, so I reverse engineered and went from the feeling to what the value was.... totally worked... Brilliant!

Now I can EASILY say who I work with! BOOM!



Rolfer and Coach

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Carly Clark Zimmer

Personal & Professional Development
For executives, business owners, and leaders...

We will work on developing your authentic style of communication & leadership skills so that you can move toward your goals while embodying your strengths and staying aligned for what's true and fulfilling for you.

This approach helps avoid the all-to-common pitfalls of today's workforce filled with chronic stress, burnout, adrenal fatigue. Once you're clear on the motivation behind why you want to make these changes, combined with the tools to trust yourself, you will be well on your way toward a thriving life.

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Carly Clark Zimmer Certified Kolbe Consultant

Kolbe Consulting for Leaders & Teams

A Collaboration with When You Lead™

Our goal is to provide individuals & Teams with the Tools to embrace their unique qualities and strengths so they can create change within themselves, their organizations, and their communities.

We use the Kolbe Index to uncover natural talents and instincts to enrich your company culture with diverse approaches and perspectives while helping our team lean into their strengths, bringing more fulfillment to their work!

You may qualify for a complementary Kolbe A Assessment Session!

The Heart-Centered Coach Club

Build Your Heart-Centered Coaching Coaching Business

For Heart-Centered, Mission Driven Coaches

I work with driven coaches who want to advance their coaching skills & grow their practice through a values-driven, integrity-focused business strategy.

For the past five years I've mentored 100's of new coaches and focus on helping you get the foundation of your business in place so that you can have a fruitful and fulfilling coaching practice that supports your ability to easily work with clients while also supporting your desired lifestyle.

We have multiple levels of support to meet all budgets!