Take a deep breath in, then exhale all of the air out.

Your wellness journey starts here.

I’m a massage therapist and an explorer of healthy and balanced living.  I’m dedicated to helping you discover your healthiest self through massage therapy and holistic health. 

I’m a recent transplant to Oyster Bay, a beautiful little town on long island’s north shore.  After spending 8 years in NYC, I traded in the bustling city life for the tranquil sounds of the bay. For many of those years, I worked at 5-star spa  in NYC which allowed me to refine my skills as a highly intuitive therapist. I have worked with actors, professional athletes, world leaders and everyone in between. Now I get to bring those skill to YOU! I tailor every massage to meet your specific needs and bring effective, top-notch service to every treatment

Each massage begins with a brief consultation. We then develop a treatment plan based on your goals. My massage style is deeply relaxing, intuitive, nurturing and restorative. I work with your body, not against it. I combine deep tissue with Swedish massage and dig deep in my tool box of techniques to give you the most effective treatment possible. I like to finish the session with a round of hot towels for your back and feet. Sound heavenly?

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Oyster Bay Massage Therapy



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