The Human Paradox...

Carly Clark Zimmer

You crave freedom, adventure, creativity, and authentic expression.

You seek JOY and fulfillment!

Yet fear of failure, impostor syndrome, social anxiety, AND the fear of success keep you from following your heart's desire.

Welcome to the Paradox of Being Human

Fear is not your fault.

The oldest part of your brain is scanning the room multiple times per minute to make sure you are safe.

The good news! You can retrain your brain and create safety in your nervous system so that you can Build a life you don't want to escape from!

Life is too short to be bound by fear.

Let's get you going!

Hello there, I'm Carly Clark Zimmer, Life & Leadership Coach.

I'll help you clarify the patterns that are keeping you from your dreams and break ingrained fear-based conditioning that gets passed down through generations.

We'll work together so that you can step gently out of the boxes that keep you from tapping into and living from the fullest expression of you.

We'll detangle the mental knots that keep you stuck in thought loops, and regulate your nervous system so you know how to create safety and trust within yourself and go for anything you desire!

Carly Clark Zimmer



If what you're saying and what you feel don't match...

There's going to be turbulence.

My mission is to help you live in FULL INTEGRITY with yourself!

Allison's journey through self-trust and compassion transformed her life!

Working with Carly has been transformational to my life. As a coach and as a person, she truly comes from a place of integrity and truth, and you can feel that when you work with her. Four years ago, when I was at the beginning of my self-discovery journey, Carly met me where I was, and since then, we've continued to work together to take even bigger leaps forward. I'm so grateful for her warmth, genuine curiosity, no-nonsense, direct feedback, and ability to relate to what I'm going through at any time. I'm so grateful for our work together. If you're considering working with her, I'd personally say, just take the leap. You'll be happy you did."

P.S. For anyone on the fence, this best decision you will ever make Seriously, I feel that!

Allison C.

Writer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Allison C.

It takes courage to do the inner work required to change your outer circumstances.

When you're willing to tell yourself the truth and take radical responsibility for where there's a misalignment, that's when we can make real change happen!

We'll journey together to uncover the TRUTH that wants to be named & what the truest expression of your life looks and feels like...

and then we'll use coaching and personal development tools and theories to build your internal capacity to GO FOR IT!

Jules Harris

Jules uncovered the CORE of her desires & it led to clarity in her business!

"I've always struggled with my ideal client. Inside one of our first lessons, I EASILY found my "Core Desired feeling" which helped me reverse engineer from the feeling to what the value was, and then the people ideal clients who share those values were clear! Totally worked... Brilliant! Now I can EASILY define who I work with! BOOM!”


Embodiment Coach &

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Breaking ingrained conditioning can unbind you from generations of patterns that keep you stuck, silent, and settling.

I stand in solidarity with Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic, and People of Colour,  LGBTQIA & those who hold culturally and systemically marginalized identities to dismantle systemic racism. I pledge to continue to personally comb through my cultural bias, business systems & practices, former coach training & theories to dismantle the systems of oppression in our society and within myself, and the programs and communities I facilitate.

My communities have a strict vetting process so that we can provide a safe, trauma-informed space for people of all identities to learn, grow, ask questions, and provide their own valuable insight and feedback for us all to learn from.