Empowerment for Sensitive High Achievers: Navigate Leadership and Client Service Without Burnout

Carly Clark Zimmer

Your sensitivity is your superpower when you learn how to manage your energy.

I help deep-feeling high achievers optimize your energy and communication skills so that you can focus on the right work with the right people to build a business or career that feels energetically congruent with the fullest expression of who you are.

I'm Carly Clark Zimmer. I wear many hats as your coach but to sum things up, I'm your energy optimization and communication coach.

Here's how I can help...

Calibrate Your Capacity: You're driven, and I know you're multi-passionate about your work, and your family, you might even have a passion project on the side! We'll calibrate what you are spending your time and energy on so that you have the bandwidth to do the things that are most important to you, and delegate or delete the rest!

Calibrate Your Work and Social Energy: We'll clarify what and who gives you energy and, and what sucks it away. That will help you intentionally design your work and social life to bring energy instead of steering you toward burnout.

✨ Calibrate Your Mind-Body-Language Connection: We live in a society that regards knowledge as King, and... the body is Queen! We'll blend the masculine power of the mind with the feminine wisdom of the body to help you make decisions that fully support your present and future self.

Calibrate Your Desires: Just saying the word desire makes many people uncomfortable. Yet I see too many beautiful souls wither inside boxes created by society because they are disconnected from their desires. It's time to dive deep into what you truly desire.

Because if not now... when?

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It takes courage to speak your desires.

That courage is kindling for change🔥

Explore with Carly Clark Zimmer

When you're willing to explore what you truly want, you start walking the path of your fully expressed life.

But first, we have to go into the cave of what you truly want.

I'll be there with you to shine the light

If what you desire is:

A team that fully supports you so that you can work in your zone of genius instead of wasting your creative energy heading cats.

After all... you didn't start your own business to manage people!

If you're tolerating toxic people at work or in your business who constantly cross your boundaries, even when you get home at night because you can’t stop thinking about how impossible they are...

If you want to make a big move in your career or business yet feel fearful of what might happen if you do...

If you feel stuck in a job that's sucking the soul out of you, yet you rationalize that the pay makes up for it...

And you keep telling yourself...

"What if it's worse if I leave?"

I will help you untangle the mental knots keeping you in limbo so that you can finally move forward into the truest form of your life's expression.


🔥It's going to start to burn.🔥

Your body will start making decisions for you if your mind likes it or not.

You'll get sick and be forced to take time off.

You'll start slipping with client delivery of projects ar work.

You'll get frustrated with your team and fire everyone.

You'll burn it all down.

Do this instead...

🔥Direct the Energy of the Fire Towards What You Desire🔥

From the Masculine Energy of Hustling in NYC to Exploring a New Career in Bali...

"Working with Carly has been transformational in my life. As a coach and as a person, she truly comes from a place of integrity and truth, and you can feel that when you work with her.

Four years ago, when I was at the beginning of my self-discovery journey. I thought she was going to make me quit my job right away!

Instead, Carly met me where I was. I needed to get to know myself and why I wanted to leave so I could figure out where I needed to go next.

I got to really know myself, so I had the internal trust to take the big leap.

I'm so grateful for her warmth, genuine curiosity, no-nonsense, direct feedback, and ability to guide me through whatever I'm going through at any time.

If you're considering working with her, I'd personally say, just take the leap.

You'll be happy you did."

P.S. For anyone on the fence, this best decision and investment you will ever make.


Allison C.

Author, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Allison C.
Carly Clark Zimmer: Book Exploration Call

If you want to make the most out of this one precious life we have, I can help.

I'm fiercely dedicated to a small number of clients so that together we can journey towards your definition of success.

My coaching philosophy is to create a safe, non-judgmental space for the truth of you to come forward.

My coaching tools are infused with cutting-edge behavioral science. embodied presence and experiential learning so that we can cut through the mind static so that you can finally hear and follow the path of your true expression.

This is your time uncover who you are, and what you really want out of your work and life.

Change Starts here...


As a lifelong learner, I consistently train to enhance my ability to safely and expertly support you on a deeply informed, professional level.

Here are a few of my notable certifications & accomplishments:

BodyMind Method Coach
Carly Clark Zimmer: Kolbe Certified Coach
Institute for Equity Centered Coaching
Swedish Institute

Member of Professional Associations & Additional Degrees

Galway Chamber
Alternative Balance Professional Group Member
New York State Office of Professions
SUNY New Paltz Graduate

How to Clear Up Miscommunication using the Drama Triangle

Recycling the same arguments and conversations is draining and unproductive.

Drama Triangle

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Clear up miscommunication in your relationships at work, at home, and with yourself. Here's what you'll learn:

The Drama Triangle Concept

▴ How to tell when you're spiraling inside

▴ Why people often stay inside EVEN WHEN it's uncomfortable

▴ How & WHY to get out!

I stand in solidarity with Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic, and People of Colour,  LGBTQIA & those who hold culturally and systemically marginalized identities to dismantle systemic racism. I pledge to continue to personally comb through my cultural bias, business systems & practices, former coach training & theories to dismantle the systems of oppression in our society and within myself, and the programs and communities I facilitate.

My communities have a strict vetting process so that we can provide a safe, trauma-informed space for people of all identities to learn, grow, ask questions, and provide their own valuable insight and feedback for us all to learn from.