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I'm Carly Clark Zimmer.

I help conscious leaders and heart-centered entrepreneurs elevate and leverage your natural energy so that you can live and work in alignment with what is authentic to you.

There's a dynamic, confident version of you already inside, ready to step into being the leader...

In your career.

In your business.

In your life.

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Carly Clark Zimmer Certified Life Coach

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Free Classes & Resources

Simplify Hiring with Kolbe: carlyclarkzimmer.com

How to Make Your Next Hire, the Right Hire

With the Kolbe Index

This mini-class will help you clarify the exact role you need so that you can feel supported as a leader instead of spending costly time and energy managing people.

Instant Access

How to Clear Up Miscommunication using the Drama Triangle

Recycling the same arguments and conversations is draining and unproductive.

Drama Triangle

Clear up miscommunication in your relationships at work, at home, and with yourself.

How to tell when you're spiraling inside

▴ Why people often stay inside EVEN WHEN it's uncomfortable

▴ How & WHY to get out!

Featured on...

The Clarity Corner Podcast: Carly Clark Zimmer


My dear friend and host of the Clarity Corner podcast Megan Seamans had me on to talk about Updating Language, following your intuition and your heart's desire! Megan is also a Human Design expert! We dive into my profile and what it means to be a 2/4 Sacral Generator profile with so many projected channels. Such a fun conversation. My community has commented that this one is a favorite!
🎧 Listen here


"It’s the root of all evil"
"It doesn’t grow on trees…"
Whatever money beliefs you were raised with can inform your relationship with money now.

My dear friend, Trauma-Informed Financial Wellness Coach Katy Chen Mazzarra has come to us talk to us about Trauma-Informed Financial Wellness. We cover...

💰Why trauma-informed financial wellness is important.
💰Why it’s important to know your numbers and your goals.
💰How to spot generational money patterns.
💰Breaking free from old Money stories.

🎧 Listen here

Carly Clark Zimmer: Marketing Unfiltered




How to better communicate with your team. How to use the Kolbe to make big decisions in your business. The importance of making choices around what lights you up (hint hint: less burnout!) We also open our chat talking about Carly’s own business and what she’d do to get clients if she were to start all over again!

🎧 Listen here

Carly Clark Zimmer: Workflow Queen Podcast



I recently had the honor of chatting with the brilliant Alyssa Lang.

She’s the woman behind multiple six-and-seven-figure businesses – including @workflowqueen, an education and coaching business for bookkeepers and accountants and @magneticbookeeping, First-class bookkeeping & financial consulting services for ambitious creatives & service providers.

In this interview, we talk about how to use the Kolbe Index to strengthen your team, understand yourself better and maximize all individuals on your team WITHOUT pushing your people to be more 'productive'.

This is a MUST listen for ANYONE who has a team... even if it's a team of two!
🎧 Listen here

Ep: 2 Coaches on a Mission with Dallas Travers

This time I'm in the hot seat! I;ve worked with Dallas for years and she was pivotal in helping me shift my mindset so that I could provide excellent coaching within a group program.

If you ever worry that your group programs can’t deliver the same results as private coaching, you’ll love hearing my story and Dallas' excellent coaching to help me get to a breakthrough!
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Carly Clark Zimmer: Marketing Unfiltered


EP 7. What Connecting With Your Body’s Wisdom Has To Do With Scaling Your Business.

The core of Carly’s work lies in connecting with one’s body. In a world where playing it safe is the norm, Carly is passionate about helping individuals break free from self-imposed limitations. She believes our bodies hold the answers we seek, from career choices to relationships. 

Discover how the body never lies, while the mind can often deceive.

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The Art of Delegation


with Selina Johnson a.k.a. Chief of Team Simplicity!

We cover

  • The most common mindset mistakes around delegation.
  • How this shows up and what it looks like in your business and your life.
  • What’s possible when you start to release the desire to control everything and embrace the support of others…

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Carly Clark Zimmer - Podcast


Reimagining Leadership from the inside out

Trading Traditional, productivity-at-all-costs work models for a healthy, people-centered, strengths-centered culture.

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Carly Clark Zimmer - Podcast


How to Sign Your FIRST 5 Clients:

▴ Creating Your Referral System (this is so simple!)

▴ How to move through fear & make your first offer.

▴ The one thing Carly does each week to bring in new clients.

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Carly Clark Zimmer: Book Exploration Call

Book Exploration Call

The best way for us to decide if I can help you reach your goals is to have a quick chat over Zoom.

→ Fill out the short intake form

→ Choose a time that works with your schedule

→ Join me on Zoom and we'll take a look at where you are, where you want to go, and what's in the middle. From there we'll be able to tell exactly what your next steps are.

My pledge to you: If I'm not the person to help you on your quest, I will give recommendations for your next steps. This call will be well worth your time!

*This is a complementary call.


Cross-Cultural Competency, Awareness, and Equity Pledge:

I stand in solidarity with Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic, and People of Colour,  LGBTQIA+ & those who hold culturally and systemically marginalized identities to dismantle systemic racism. I pledge to continue to comb through my cultural bias, vet coaching tools and philosophies, and question business systems & practices for their equality and effectiveness instead of blindly following what has been done before. After all, if you've read this far you know that this is everything I'm here to dismantle both systemically and within ourselves.

My communities have a strict vetting process so that we can provide a safe, trauma-informed space for people of all identities to learn, grow, ask questions, and provide their own valuable insight and feedback for us all to learn from.