French Fries… do you love them too?  The best ones I’ve ever had were actually in France, in a small town called Cassis in the French Riviera. They were served on the side of a pot of fresh mussels cooked in white wine sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about them! Yet I have …

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If you know getting in front of the camera is the next step for your business, but your terrified… Dan Tait Down is here to help!

Do you remember the book (and movie) “The Secret” that came out in 2006? There is a new version trending on Netflix right now that’s #7 in Ireland and I can’t bring myself to watch it… have you? if so please comment below and let me know if it’s worth my time! 😂 Back in …

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I went hiking about a year ago over in the Burren, which is a beautiful landscape here in Ireland, and it’s really rocky. The first time hubby and I went over there, we both had sneakers on. We got about half an hour in and we started to notice how bad our feet felt because …

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There’s this part in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that brings chills to my entire body.
They’re inside the temple. They’re so close to finding the Holy Grail. His dad has been shot. So he has to go forward.

He has to find the Grail, because at the Grail, there’s the promise of healing and everlasting life. Indiana knows he has to move forward. He’s really scared because there are many people that haven’t made it before him. So all the fear is kicking up and he moves through challenges. And then he gets to that moment where there’s this big, big gap. There’s this huge expanse, this big cavern.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you!

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