Carly Clark Zimmer- How Online Business Sabotages New Coaches

How Online Business Sabotages New Coaches

You were called into this heart-centered work for a reason, and toxic marketing practices are taking advantage of it and making you feel less than if you don't have "all the things".

It's called FAKE URGENCY. And it's pervasive in the online coaching and marketing world. Here's what you need to know...

We are flooded with messages on social media that promise fast results with this quick formula.

We see the success of others and think if we follow their path, that will guide us to our success.

Yet they are not talking about the 10 years it took them to develop that formula and the 27 failures they had along the way.

Here's the raw truth. The online marketing world has gone off the rails.

I used to LOVE how coaches can use the same
principles online marketers use because some of them actually helped you, and help more people.

But it's been taken to a whole new level by using fake scarcity, urgency, and pressured sales techniques, inflated client results, and numbers with little-to-no mention of profit margins... many of these practices feel downright unethical.

Here's what to look out for and run like heck if someone tries this on you!

↠ Fake scarcity and urgency. REAL Urgency- like a program start date or price going up is AWESOME! But saying you have limited spots when you'll let anyone who signs up come in isn't cool.
↠ Pressured sales techniques like buying on the first call if someone needs more time. (Hello there fact-finders! I welcome your questions! That shows critical thinking!)
↠ Mind-set bypassing that can cause harm to your potential client. Sometimes people need to sit down with their finances and figure out how they can afford their program. You can help support them in this process and book a follow up call in a few days to help them make an informed decision.

No heart-centered coach in their right mind wants to start off a relationship with pressure.

Important Caveat: Pressure to buy and allowing yourself and the client to feel uncomfortable are two different things. As a coach, you will have to allow yourself to be uncomfortable and ask honest questions to the person in front of you on a sales call. This might make both of you uncomfortable to get to the truth of what is actually going on, which is the reason they are on the call with you looking to make a change in their life.

This uncomfortableness can actually serve the client. It's different from the pressure to "buy now."

Click to learn How to Host Sales Calls with Integrity.

💛 You don't need to pressure someone to buy on the first call, you just need to help them get clear on what their true buying questions are.
💛 You don't need to convince someone finding the money for your program is a mindset issue if they cannot put food on their table.

💛 You don't need to manufacture urgency. If you lean in and truly serve on that sales call, your solution will be urgent enough!

That is the kind of energy you want to start your coaching relationship with!

For more on this topic, click here to watch a 10-minute Instagram Live on some of the toxic messages being fed to new coaches.

My mission is to be an advocate for coaches and invite you to bring a critical eye to making business decisions that are aligned with you, your vision and your values.

I'd love to know what you think about this too, so feel free to DM me or reply to this email! 

With love and so much gratitude, 
💛 Carly 

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