Your Superpowers Might be Hiding in Plain Sight!

Last week I worked with a teacher looking to make a career change. She listed off all of the ways she felt inadequate when she looked at the requirements for the jobs she was thinking of applying for. 

What she felt was a deficit and flaws in her personality, I saw as superpowers and strengths that she could use in the interview process. 

All she needed to do was shift her perspective. Once we started to unpack this, her eyes started to twinkle! 

She started to see herself differently.

Your superpowers might be hiding in plain sight! But all too often we are too close to see our own brilliance. 

If you've been beating yourself up because you're not doing things fast enough or the way you think you should, watch the 4-minute video above to learn how you can start to shift this perspective. 

Every single person I've ever coached says they want to live a life that feels authentic life. I believe it's a birthright to learn how to live the truest expression of yourself. 

Because there is only one unique YOU! So if you are tired of carrying around the weight of what other people think, I'd be happy to chat with you about it! Reply to this email and let's get to work! 

💛 Carly 

P.S. Our 
Heart-Centered Coach Club group call is this week on Thursday, 10am Eastern. We're going to dive into this deeper on our call so that you can remove the barriers that might be keeping you from kickstarting your coaching practice this fall!

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