Carly Clark Zimmer- Build Your First Coaching Program

How to Build Your First Coaching Program

If it's taking you months to define your niche or you're spending time searching for the perfect program name, this article will outline what to do instead that will help make all of the other marketing steps easier.

Now that you have the overview from Heart Centered Coach Roadmap and you're getting clear on your business model, your next step is to offer your first coaching program.

"But don't I need a program name and niche first?"

Nope! That stuff is important, but it's not the next step. 

The BEST way to figure out what your program should be called and what niche to work with is to start working with people now. 

...before your website is built.
...before your branding is perfect.
...before you have an opt-in and email list.

I know you want to have these things in place,
but trying to figure this out without real experience is what keeps coaches stuck and swirling... sometimes for years.

"But how do I find clients if I don't have this figured out?" 

That's a great question!

⭐️ The quickest and most effective way to start your coaching practice is to talk to people about what they are struggling with and build a customized program for the person in front of you.

⭐️ You can do this by hosting market research calls or offering sample coaching sessions to listen and find out what people want help with and the language they use to describe what's happening in their life.

*Make sure you ask them about what their dream solution would be so you know what people will pay for.

Seems too simple, right?

The trouble is... I bet you your newsfeed is full of shiny "magic bullet" coaching offerings like "Make 10k months in 30 Days" or "Build an automated income stream in a weekend". 🚀🤩💰

These messages will quickly and easily distract you from the REAL work, of working with clients. (and drain your bank account.)

I recently got a message from an amazing coach who spent $30k on a year-long program because the marketing was so good- but it ended up NOT being what she needed because there was a values misalignment. And... she couldn't get out of it. 

🤯 Don't let this happen to you! There are people in the world struggling who could really use your support.
But decisions like this can cause you to second guess yourself as a transformational coach and business owner.

GOOD NEWS: If you're just starting your coaching practice, you can breathe deep in knowing the ONE thing that needs to go on your to-do list is talking to people each week about what they are struggling with, and if you can help them, CUSTOMIZE a program for them and invite them to work with you.

Customization is literally what every coach does in the beginning, so use that language to sell your program! Because that's the honest truth! 

Speaking to this is going to help your offer feel authentic and create trust and safety with your coaching clients- and thats when true transformation can take place.

Doesn't that seem a lot more simple than having to create a website, course, and online empire before you even make a dime? 

Keep things simple, stay focused on where you are and the people around you, and your business will grow quicker!

💛 Carly 

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