What does Indiana Jones have in common with making aligned decisions?

Do you remember the part in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when they’re inside the temple and his Dad was just shot and he has no choice but to go forward towards the Holy Grail… the promise of healing and everlasting life.

Indiana knows he has to move forward, but he’s scared.

He comes to a deep canyon, and there’s no bridge across in sight.

Indiana has to figure out how to get across that canyon, and the clock is ticking…

He takes a deep breath. He puts his hand on his heart and he takes a leap of faith… AND THE PATH FORWARD APPEARS!

He finds the grail, saves his Dad, the bad guys get what was coming to them and they ride off into the sunset! This is my kind of movie!!!!

So what does this have to do with you, your alignment, and making aligned decisions in your life and business?

What I teach in my coaching programs and what I’ve learned in the BodyMind method is that when we can trust our grounded heart in making decisions, the next aligned step will always be revealed to us, just like it was to Indiana!

We may not know what’s ahead, but taking that one step at a time, learning how to truly feel into and ground into your body – so we’re not just making decisions with our head, but we’re making them with our entire being – knowing that all of that incredible intelligence lives within us.

We cannot take a wrong step. Now I want to here from YOU! When was the last time you made a decision with your full body? What did that feel like? What happened as a result? I would love to know so join my free Facebook group, The Heart Centered Coach club, and let me know!

With love and gratitude,
💛 Carly