Simplify Hiring with Kolbe:

How to Make Your Next Hire, the Right Hire!

With the Kolbe Index

This mini-class will help you clarify the exact role you need so that you can feel supported as a leader instead of spending costly time and energy managing people.

Instant Access

Here's what you'll learn...

  • Define exactly WHO your first, or next hire is.
  • Understand your strengths so you can identify immediate areas to bring in support and effectively communicate your needs.
  • Help you craft an accurate job description to attract ideal candidates.
  • Avoid the management trap. You didn't start your business to spend your days herding cats. Kolbe helps you focus on your zone of genius work, not on mediating team drama.
  • Save time, energy and money so you can avoid the pitfalls of mismatched hires, reducing costly turnover and stress.

This isn't about who to say "no" to. It's about recognizing and communicating the demands of a job and finding a candidate whose instinctive approach is likely to make them successful. 

The Kolbe fills the gap between equally important elements of values, mission, and personality, uniting them to form a cohesive and outstanding team!

I'm Carly Clark Zimmer,

Life & Leadership Coach, and the Director of Leadership Development at When You Lead, Coaching & Consulting.

Our passion lies in UPDATING Leadership models. We aim to transform toxic, productivity-at-all-costs cultures into environments that are strengths-centered, equity-centered, and humanity-centered.

One key tool we use in the beginning of our work with leaders and teams is the Kolbe Index—an assessment tool that uncovers your instinctive strengths.

Leveraging this insight, I work with companies to establish communication systems that respect and incorporate the diverse communication styles within their teams.

The outcome of this approach? Reduced stress and drama, enhanced quality productivity, happier teams, and growing profits!

Carly Clark Zimmer
Carly Clark Zimmer

Training & Certifications

  • International Coaching Federation: PCC
  • CE: Coaches Rising: Power of Presence Leadership Training
  • Certified Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching
  • Certified BodyMind Method© Somatic Coaching
  • Certified Kolbe™ Consultant
  • Seven + Years of Coaching Experience
  • Countless other workshops, retreats, and personal study & experience.