If you want to feel more organized in your business and you're ready to stop flying by the seat of your pants, come join me for:

Map My Year

A 3-Hour LIVE Virtual Workshop to bring clarity and alignment into your business.

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Thursday, Dec. 15th @ 10 am-1 pm Eastern

πŸ”† Map out what you're offering and when - taking into consideration TIME OFF!
πŸ”† Clarify offerings and pricing
πŸ”† Clarify actions you will take to move toward your goals
πŸ”† Walk away with a PLAN for your business next year so you can strategically share your offerings that align with your energy
πŸ”† PLUS Access to the Business Tracking System and Leads Calculator!
πŸ”† Lifetime access to the replay

* Spots are limited available for this workshop, so claim yours now! *

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. A REPLAY will be sent out if you can't make it live.

Articles & Resources

Carly Clark Zimmer- Build Your First Coaching Program

If it's taking you months to define your niche or you're spending time searching for the perfect program name, this article will outline what to do instead that will help make all of the other marketing steps easier.

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Carly Clark Zimmer Blog: Woman Hiding Image

When it comes to pricing your services, using your worth as a baseline invites us to add lots of zeros, yet saying that number out loud feels impossible. It contributes to the swirl that makes you feel unsure about your pricing. And... you are PRICELESS!

Here's what to do instead...

Carly Clark Zimmer Blog: Simple Sales Call Framework Image

Getting comfortable selling your coaching program is essential for the longevity of your coaching business.

If you've ever felt awkward on a sales call, here are a few slight shifts you can make so that selling becomes easy, authentic, and in integrity with who you are.

Carly Clark Zimmer Blog: Marketing Outside Social Media Image

When it comes to marketing, it’s easy to divert to social media as the only channel for you to get in front of new people and therefore have the opportunity to talk about what you do and bring in new business.

Here are 10 alternatives to consider...

Carly Clark Zimmer Blog: Superpower Image

We we see as a deficit can be your hidden superpower.
You might just need to shift your perspective.

Once my client shifted this, it opened up more job possibilities for her future!

Watch the 4-minute video to learn how to see this from a different perspective.

Carly Clark Zimmer- How Online Business Sabotages New Coaches

You were called into this heart-centered work for a reason, and toxic marketing practices are taking advantage of it.

It's called FAKE URGENCY. Here's what you need to know...

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