Prenatal Massage

prenatal massage


Pregnancy is a time of transition and expectation. Along with the many happy emotions one experiences, while pregnant, it can also cause emotional anxiety and upheaval. A whole new world is about to unfold!  So many new things to ponder and worry about.

You’ve read that ‘being stressed’ isn’t good for you or the baby, and then you get stressed about being stressed!

When you’re stressed, your body kicks on the sympathetic nervous system. This causes you to go into freeze, fight or flight mode. This stress response is probably the reason humans have been on this planet for so long and it’s super important for our survival. It releases a flood of hormones and adrenaline into our system that helps us become faster, lighter, stronger and stops digestion so we can focus on getting away from that tiger looking for his next dinner!

Although most of us no longer have to worry about a tiger hunting us, we are constantly over-stimulated and stuck in flight or flight mode.  From over-committing ourselves to being the perfect wife/husband/mother/daughter/friend etc, to returning texts, social media messages, phone calls, and the never ending email, this stress response rarely has a chance to turn off! That means those stress hormones are stuck in our system and our bodies have less time to relax into ‘rest and digest’ mode.

Why is rest and digest mode important?

This is the time our bodies get to work on the everyday wear and tear. It rebuilds anything that was broken, it cleans and clears our organs and cells. Sound pretty important? It is.

That’s where I come in. Prenatal massage helps ease some of those anxieties by putting you into a deep state of relaxation. I work on your tight muscles, and your body gets to work on everything else. This relaxation releases tension and helps increase a sense of well-being for you and your baby. It may even help you increase the chances of a better birth experience. You see, when you take a moment to focus inward, your connection to your true power is brought forth. This can help prepare you for the demands of labor and even for the years of parenting ahead. We will also address physical discomforts for your changing body. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, help to decrease symptoms of depression, and relieve muscle joint pain.

It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed, but you can take steps to control it.

My prenatal massage program will help you relax into your pregnancy with ease, elegance, and grace.


Prenatal Prep:

You not pregnant yet but you’re ready to prepare your body. We will focus on clearing your body of stored up stress and creating scheduled time for relaxation. We schedule each session right around the time you ovulate so, you can continue the relaxation into the evening.

Prenatal Massage– Your body will start to change in ways you have never imagined. Receiving massage during your pregnancy will help release tension that comes with ligaments expanding and the other physical demands of pregnancy. It is also incredibly important for you to remain relaxed during your pregnancy. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline can pass through the blood-brain barrier straight to your baby so it is incredibly important that you try to minimize stressful environments and situations if possible.

The New Mom

Has the lack of sleep and the constant demands of motherhood left you feeling grumpy? Tired? Alone? Frustrated? Exhausted? It’s time to come in and let me take care of YOU! We will address any pain areas you might have. This could range from arm pain from constantly holding your baby, back pain from bending over, neck pain from the changing table and breastfeeding, and possible pain from birth trauma and C-sections.

Pain takes away from you enjoying these precious moments of motherhood. There are no side effects from a relaxing massage. Just blissful relaxation.

When the stress is gone you can show up fully for your life. You can give your baby your full love, attention and energy without any resentment. You can even bring your baby to the massage! We will nestle you up together for a relaxing nurturing experience for the both of you.

Relaxed Mom=Relaxed Family

Your baby or babies have been born and now you feel like you don’t even have time to shower let alone get a massage! But what happens to your family when Mom is stressed? Baby gets fussy, your partner gets irritable, the older kids start acting out at school, and then you become even more stressed! The cycle continues.

 You might think that you don’t have the time, but at what cost? Taking time to take care of yourself allows to you show up for your whole family as your complete, beautiful self.

Massage will help you relax so you can have more energy, become stronger, more beautiful, grounded and present in your daily life and responsibilities. as a mother, partner, and woman.

When Mom makes a commitment to take care of herself, the entire family will benefit.


Other recommended ways to relax:

  • meditation
  • prenatal yoga
  • walking
  • singing
  • a warm bath and a great book!
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