Hi, I'm Carly!

If you’ve got a big heart and a big mission, but building your business feels like a roller coaster that’s not fun anymore. . .

I get it.

On the one hand, you don’t want to be constantly pushing a boulder uphill to build your business, but you're also feeling burnt out from the strategy swamp of online business.

I want to show you the in-between. . . where embodied alignment meets inspired action.

There is a way to build a business that supports your life, instead of taking over it.

I want to show you how... and it starts with YOU and your values.

I want to help connect you back to why you went into business in the first place, what feels off, and how to realign yourself by using your values like lighthouses guiding you towards your next desired destination.

Then we put systems in place to support you so you can enjoy the journey!

My background: I spent 12 years working in New York City and Long Island as a Licensed Massage Therapist. For many years it was a great fit because I could empathize with how people were feeling and use it to intuitively figure out where they were holding their stress, both physically and emotionally.

I quickly became booked solid, both at the 5-Start Hotel I worked at and in my private practice.

I was constantly overbooked and saw more people than my body could physically handle.

I didn’t feel like I could take nights and weekends off. I felt like I needed to squeeze in clients whenever they could come in. I could feel the burnout creeping in. I knew I had to make some changes, and fast!

A little voice inside was telling me to go into coaching, but the imposter syndrome was real... but I was already spending time before and after my client sessions without getting PAID.

It took me a while to gain the confidence to trust myself. And even longer to find the language to speak to what I had been feeling all those years with my massage clients.

I knew I wanted to transition to virtual coaching - cause my body was screaming for a different way of working... but the online business world was confusing.

I didn’t know what to focus on...

There was so much confusing noise on the internet and it felt like everything was moving so fast... except me.

At the end of each day, I wondered how I could be so busy with nothing to show for it. And it was so discouraging to feel my energy and joy get depleted.

Plus, I was so ashamed of myself for not generating results quickly despite the dizzying amount of money I’d invested.

I knew I wasn’t supposed to compare myself to others, but how can you not??

I was seeing all these successful coaches with backgrounds in PR or marketing, trying to do the things they were doing and it made the healer in me, who FELT when things were inauthentic cringe.
I started to feel like I might not have what it takes.

I realized I couldn’t keep getting pulled in a million different directions . . .

Leaking my valuable energy by trying out one unsuccessful strategy after another . . .

Trying to do things exactly like everyone else . . .

So I made a decision.

I decided to rewrite the rules I for my business and my life.

I tapped into my values, put blinders on so I could get out of comparision, and started doing things differently.

The result, only a few short years later? I traded in seeing clients in person and in an office space that felt heavy for a completely virtual, heart-centered coaching practice that embodies everything I wished to create in my life (including living in Ireland, and traveling the world!).

It not only lets me feel like I’m playing, but I wake up everyday knowing I’m truly transforming lives!

This is the feeling of freedom. This is the feeling of alignment. And these are the feelings and RESULTS I help my clients experience, too.

I’m here to set you on the right path... which means YOUR PATH! And doing things YOUR WAY!

And I want to help you save the years that it took me to get here by helping you set up systems that can support the feelings and values you want to embodiment in your business.
Because when you can tap into your body’s wisdom, it becomes easy to listen to YOURSELF over the noise in the online world.

I'm here to help you, hear yourself and grow your business from a place of embodiment.

If this is resonating with and you'd like to chat more about this!

I'd love to meet you!



Professional Bio

Carly Clark Zimmer has been a professional coach since 2017. She's trained in the BodyMind Coaching Method, Equity Centered Coach Institute, and the International Coach Federation.

Carly has been a facilitator in the BodyMind Method Coach training program since 2019, and now runs the program development and coordination for this world-renowned coach training. She also leads the team of Associate Coaches and provides support, mentorship, and guidance to new coaches going through the program.

While building her coaching practice, Carly uncovered she has a natural skill for systems and process development. She sees in simple systems, and can quickly help reimagine how programs can be delivered in a clear and supportive way, sensitive to people of different backgrounds and abilities.

Carly loves to blend a values-centered approach with the practicalities of doing business to bring harmonize the energy of teams, clients, and the service providers she supports.

Professionally Trained & a Member of the Following Organizations

BodyMind Method Coach
Institute for Equity Centered Coaching
International Coach Federation Trained
Alternative Balance Professional Group Member
New York State Office of Professions
SUNY New Paltz Graduate

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