Have you ever been hiking without the proper gear?

I went hiking about a year ago over in the Burren, which is a beautiful landscape here in Ireland, and it’s really rocky. The first time hubby and I went over there, we both had sneakers on. We got about half an hour in and we started to notice how bad our feet felt because of the really rocky and pointy rocks of the Burren.

If you don’t have simple systems set up for your coaching business, it can feel the same way. It can make you feel exhausted, tired, and in a little bit of pain. When you have the proper gear, it can make things go so much more smoothly.

So, last weekend we went back to the Burren, but this time we had the proper gear – and we had such a phenomenal hike. We were hiking for almost three hours! Just a wonderful experience.

That really got me thinking about how when I first started my coaching business, someone would be interested and ask me for a calendar link, and I would go into a complete panic because I didn’t have my calendar set up yet, or maybe I never finished those confirmation emails, or I needed to quickly go in and set up my availability.

And it just left me feeling like I was constantly scrambling.

How can you bring more ease, comfort, and embodiment to your business?

Set yourself up with a really simple foundation in your business with simple systems so that you can focus on staying in your body and being embodied so that you can coach your clients from a really grounded and confident place.

This is something I teach in First 5 and the first members who went through that program have said that they feel more confident, like having a system and a pathway they can bring clients into, and that they are so clear about every step that they need to take next. 

One of my clients even created a binder for an SOP so she can onboard her new clients with confidence and ease.

My question for you today is –  how might it help you be a better coach to focus a little bit of your time, energy and attention on setting up those systems so that you don’t go into a complete panic anytime someone messages you saying they’re interested?

Let’s take care of the panic you might feel so that you can focus on who you serve, and how you serve them as the heart centered coach that you are.

I would love it if you looked at a few things right now:

  • What system do I need to have in place?
  • What’s the very first simple system?
  • What might those systems be so that I can start to focus on them and put them into place?

If you have no idea where to start, I’m going to tell you: it is your calendar. Start with your calendar.

If you have your calendar set up, then you have a runway, a place for people to come and connect with you, and a way to get paid.  

When you have your calendar set up, you have a way to connect with your clients so that you can show up and do the amazing work that you’re here to do in the world!

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below.