A Time-Tested Business Strategy That’s Easily Overlooked

Do you remember the book (and movie) “The Secret” that came out in 2006?

There is a new version trending on Netflix right now that’s #7 in Ireland and I can’t bring myself to watch it… have you? if so please comment below and let me know if it’s worth my time! 😂

Back in the day, this book blew my mind! “I can just think about things and they will happen? That sounds easy!”

I made my list of what I wanted my life to look like, and then every day as I rode the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan I read over my list and visualized what I desired.

Many of those things on my list actually did come true! 

But the book received a lot of criticism because the Lamborghini’s and fancy vacation homes did not magically appear for most of us.

Can we think our way into our dream life?

Well, kind of. But that’s not the whole picture. 

The first step is defining what we want. Because how would we know what choices to make if we didn’t know what we wanted?

Then, we must take consistent action towards whatever it is we desire. THAT is the missing piece to “The Secret”.

So when I ask my clients what they want, most often the answer is “more clients!”. 

If that is something you want, perfect! Now we know what to focus on!

Here is your next, and commonly over-looked step, so you can start to use the law of attraction AND take action towards filling your client roster. 

Get intention about talking to people every single week. If you’re a coach, then coach! Do whatever you need to get calls on your calendar and experience what it’s like to be a coach that has a full client roster! 

If you don’t have clients to coach, then focus on connecting with people. Host market research calls, listen to people, find out what they want, or simply connect with other people who might also serve your ideal clients in a different way! 

This step is really about building relationships, making connections, and getting comfortable EMBODYING the life that you want to create for yourself. 

Before I sign off for today, who is ONE person you can reach out to today and see if they will hop on a connection call this week!

With love and gratitude,
💛  Carly


P.S. Tarot Tuesdays have been on fire these past few weeks inside the The Heart Centered Coach Club! Come join us if you haven’t already!