7 Marketing Strategies outside of Social Media

French Fries… do you love them too? 

The best ones I’ve ever had were actually in France, in a small town called Cassis in the French Riviera. They were served on the side of a pot of fresh mussels cooked in white wine sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Yet I have this love/hate relationship with french fries. (A.K.A chips over here in Ireland… so what do they call potato chips? Crisps!)

If I don’t set boundaries with my fries, I’ll end up with a stomach ache and not feeling too good about myself.

I feel the same way about social media. If I consume too much, it can leave me feeling tired, dehydrated, and a little melancholy because I’ve stuffed my brain with too much stimulation.

I see this happen with my clients, too.

You get burnt out on social and then withdraw from taking any kind of action to move your coaching business forward for the next few months, which then leads you to start questioning the whole damn thing.

This week I want to offer you a few options outside of social media to grow your coaching business.

Keep in mind that I do not recommend doing ALL of these at once – pick one, maybe two, and stick with it until you’ve created a habit.

7 Marketing Strategies Outside of Social Media:

  1. Email 30 of your friends and family and tell them what you’re offering this year. “Hey! It’s been a while since we connected and I don’t think I’ve shared that I started coaching! Here’s who I help…”
  1. Look for people who have parallel audiences and share your values and invite them to be cross-promotion partners.

    Example 1: A bride will hire a caterer, DJ, florist, and the dress!

    Example 2: A Business owner needs an accountant, branding, copywriting, and a coach! 

  1. Add your coaching service to your email signature with a link to learn more!
  1. Email your list regularly so they can start to look forward to your emails. This helps soooo much because when you do want to make an offer and sell to them, you won’t feel like that’s the only time you are reaching out!
  1. Submit articles to online publications like Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha, and Medium. They are always looking for submissions and have millions of readers every month!
  1. Print out flyers and put them all over town! Even better, partner with a complementary business and have them put flyers in each bag a check-out! Most people are more than willing to help if you are willing to ask!
  1. Talk to people! When you see the opening and feel the flutter in your chest to share what you do… share it!!

There are so many more ways to connect with potential clients outside of social media. Sometimes we just need to think outside the box!

If social media has been feeling heavy and all you’re getting is crickets, try ONE of these strategies and commit to it for a month!

Comment below to let me know which one feels fun to you for some accountability! 

Carly 💛